Building a business? Well, it’s like birthing a child…


Aloha, friends!

Megan here — welcome to Haumea’s very first blog post! A huge THANK YOU to all of you for reading these initial words. We’ve been very busy over the past few months, and while our blog will be used primarily to give our mamas, mamas-to-be, and their families news and advice they can use, we’ll also have a few posts about our adventure in opening up Haumea and the things we’ve learned.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed so far, especially over the past few months, is that opening a business is not unlike birthing a child.

In what ways? Let me go on. First of all, it’s so scary. Also, it’s way exciting. It’s full of ups and downs, and that’s why having a team of support makes it so much easier. And ultimately, it’s up to you to do the work.

Building a business — at least, one of this magnitude — is new to both of us. Some days, you feel like you’re queen of the world with all of the progress you’ve made — and other days, it’s 9 pm and you’re thinking, “what did I even get done today?”

Speaking of progress. we’ve met, talked, collaborated, and connected with a bunch of great people to bring you Haumea, and I wanted to give a little love to them below:

  • Tara from Shade Tree Naturals to get some yummy body care.

  • Amy from DAMA, who is designing a gorgeous mural for our building.

  • Emily from Beautiful Birth, who is bringing Doula Training to Haumea in April!

  • Megan from Raising Strong Girls Boot Camps (this is an amazing program!)

  • Our team of kick-ass Haumea Barre instructors (Liz, Elisha, Marin, Angie, Sharon, Whitney and Georgia) for a two-day Haumea Barre training.

  • Tess from Cabinet Country Ltd to pick out countertops and cabinets.  

  • Bill from LaCrosse Signs to order our beautiful exterior sign.

  • Rochelle from Ratkaj Designs who is responsible for all our graphic design needs (including our APPAREL!).

  • Mel of Peapod Marketing & PR Consulting whose beautiful social media is getting the word out.  

HaumeaMama_Barrre Training 2.jpg

We’re planning to bring you, our community, so many great things — classes, workshops, apparel, and it’s been so awesome working with so many like-minded people. The people we’ve worked with so far with think about Haumea in terms of “we” — not something that Kristin and I are doing. It’s been so great to see this level of collaboration even before Haumea’s doors officially open.

Of course, we can’t have exciting stuff without a bit of scary stuff (dun dun DUN). First, permitting has been more challenging than we expected. In Sun Prairie, yoga studios are considered “Family Entertainment Centers”. We’ve been working on rezoning our building since early December. Unfortunately, this is causing us major construction delays (we really hoped to open in January when we signed our lease in October). We are now paying rent, utilities and insurance on a building that we can’t operate out of and construction is stalled on. It will get there, we know. However, we are just two normal women and every week we are shelling out the equivalent of a mortgage payment for an empty building, which is super scary! Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Also, the team member who will lead our Mama Strong program has been dealing with some very scary health issues within her family (please, send good vibes!). We are planning on a big training this weekend for Mama Strong, and we want it to be as amazing as possible. With dark, there is light and given our delays in construction, we have time if we need to move the training.

Throughout all of these ups and downs throughout this process, I wake up every day so happy to be making this dream a reality, and so energized to do what we need to do to open Haumea’s doors. I’m also extremely thankful to all of you who are just as excited as we are and supporting us by clicking “like” and “love” on our Facebook and Instagram posts, leaving the loveliest comments for us to read, and purchasing our two-week introductory promos and gift cards (or, nudging someone to purchase them for you).

We’ll be writing weekly blog updates with up-to-date information — and we’re also planning on sending an email newsletter later this week with an exclusive offer (hint — it may or may not having something to do with Haumea-branded apparel…). To subscribe to our email list, click the link below!

Megan Stansil