"We've got your back": Haumea in four words


Aloha Haumea community! This is Kristin—and this is also my first blog. Megan started our blog off with a bang earlier this week and now it’s my turn.

First of all, thank you for supporting us thus far!

We’ll have some big announcements this week, so stay tuned. I have to be honest here—as a parent of FOUR kids (I’ll share this story in another blog), I had to sneak away to a Beans & Cream Bakehouse at 6:00 am to find some solace in front of their fireplace while I write. My husband is getting the kids off to school today. I’m so thankful that he is so supportive throughout the process of getting this business up and running; I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this post if it wasn’t for Dean’s support. He has my back and then some!

That’s what this post is all about—what it means to have someone’s back and how this relates to making our dream of opening Haumea a reality.


I ran a little search online to find out more about what our tagline really means. There are a lot of different definitions out there, but what I found on Urban Dictionary really resonated with me—“When someone has your back, they are there to support you unconditionally. Someone that has your back recognizes the goodness, even the greatness in you, especially during the moments you’re not willing or able to see it. Simply stated, when someone has your back, your life is greatly enhanced.”

What exactly does this phrase have to do with Haumea? “We’ve got your back” goes, well, way back! Megan and I would not be on the cusp of opening Haumea without having each other’s backs, as well as so many others having our backs: partners, family, friends and community members. It is all about how we support and lift others up. So often we get in a competitive mindset, and think that when another person succeeds, we have somehow failed. However, it is so important to focus on how other’s success can foster collaboration and success for all.

Megan and I realize that this tagline starts with us.

I have her back and she has mine. I feel like I hit the business partner jackpot! Our strengths compliment each other’s so incredibly well and we make a great pair. I believe this is where the ripple effect starts—we have our team member’s backs, too. We had our first all-team meeting this weekend and while I knew we had assembled an amazing crew, it was so great to have us all in one room together! The energy was palpable—being around these women made me want to do better and I left feeling inspired! We made a point to let these women know that we support them and no matter what, we have their back.

One of my favorite Helen Keller quotes is, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Supporting one another is the foundation of Haumea—just imagine how we will be able to support those in the community with this strong foundation. The ripple effect continues. We firmly believe that the “Mama, we’ve got your back” mentality will not only be felt in the Haumea Ohana (family) but will also ripple in to Haumea members’ relationships, families, workplaces and our community will be a better place because of it.

Throughout the last year, I can’t tell you all how many times others have stepped up and offered support. I plan to share some more about this in a future blog post, but I am (and I think I can speak for Megan too) totally blown away by how willing others have been in this process! We feel the love and support and can’t wait to open our doors at Haumea to share this support with all of you.


Now, onto the first of a few big announcements this week.

We’re excited to announce that our Haumea-branded merchandise is available for pre-order! We’re offering this to our community in advance of our opening. If you’re interested, please click this link—we’ll be taking pre-orders until Monday, January 28 at 4 pm: Click here

Aloha and Mahalo for reading, supporting, and following along on this journey!

With love and gratitude,


Kristin Nemecek