2 Core Movements for a Strong Pregnancy and Beyond

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Hi All! I have been asked by the amazing ladies of Haumea to write a blog about core and my core mama class.  My definition of core is having a strong center. This can have many interpretations! Whether we are coming into center and finding strength through activating deep stabilizers or retreating to our deep spirituals centers we are moving to our core – our foundation.

I have a background in teaching Pilates. For the record, I have taught every type of fitness class out there!  I have been training people literally since I was nine when I formed a running group after school. Working the core and having a strong center is the most important type of strength to have! It makes everything else easier…..inside and out. Our reactions to challenging situations to not getting injured picking up our babies! Everything originates from the center. For this practice we come together and consider how alignment specifically pelvic alignment affects our core.

This is important for all of us, not just the pre and post mamas! We focus on the deepest stabilizers, Transverse abdominis, multifidus, pelvic floor and the diaphragm. We learn how to find them and activate all of them correctly! Finding the proper breath technique is also so important to protect and stabilize the core.

From there we can continue to find the muscles that need strength and those that need length to create a balance that brings us beautifully into a Solid. Strong. Center. Let’s embrace our bodies as they evolve and change, we can handle anything when we have a strong center to return to. We come together in a non judgmental encouraging space to move within and ground in our deepest source of strength.

Looking to take start your home practice? Here are two core movements that will help you to build core strength that are wonderful pregnancy, postpartum and beyond!

Megan StansilHaumea