Classes Overview

Whether your goal is to move your body, connect with your babe, or simply to connect with other mamas who are on the same journey, our classes have you covered.

Yoga Classes

Why yoga? Flexibility, stress relief, strength? Yes, yes, yes. But yoga can be so. much. more. Connection to yourself, connection to your babe, and connection to other mama who, just like you, are going through this big change. These classes will leave you feeling empowered, valued, seen, and oh-so-good in your body. It doesn’t matter if this is your first yoga class or if you’re a yogi master — we have some of the best teachers around who will guide you through classes that will be some of the best minutes of your day. Come yoga with us.


Gentle Flow & Restore

If it feels like your to-do list is a million tasks long, it’s take some time for YOU, mama. Unwind with gentle movement in a restorative yoga class. You’ll be fully supported by our expert instructors and many props as you let yourself unwind and destress. It’s a perfect way to honor yourself — and your babe.

Prenatal Yoga
This class is so much more than yoga — it will also prepare you for birth! You will discover how you can be soft and strong, as well as learn how movement will help with your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and recovery. Get into your body, and out of your head — and meet other mamas who are going through exactly what you’re going through.

Haumea Flow
Whether you’re a mama to be, a new mama or not a mama for all, you are welcome in this class. We will give options to meet you where you are and options to challenge your practice. Come move, breathe, flow. 

Yoga for Healing
Yoga has the power to heal — and is a huge benefit for birth and after. It’s so important to feel safe and secure to give birth, and sometimes, that means dealing with our past traumas and challenges. Just as we need to heal to give birth, we also know that the birth experience can leave us feeling vulnerable. Join us in this class that will create a safe, nurturing environment for healing.

Mama & Baby Yoga

Your little one is finally here! Now what? Put them in their carseat and join us. Meant for mama with babes not yet on the go, this class offers you the change to connect with your babe and move your body. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t showered and days and are covered in spit-up — you are welcome, and we’ll be glad to see you.

Aroma Restore

Are your days jammed packed with doing, doing, doing? Take some time to unwind in this class. You will be lead through 75 minutes of restorative yoga (it is a bit like yin, with none of the struggle and all of the ease). Your yoga practice will be complemented with aromatherapy. A perfect way to wind down your day. Our expert instructors will offer options for those who are prenatal, postnatal or none of the above. Come join us!

Barre + Strength Classes

Want to feel good? Get strong. Strong muscles protect your ligaments and joints. Strong muscles are supple, soft, and free of tension. Our low-impact, high-intensity strength classes are tailored to your body and your needs as you move through pregnancy and your postpartum period. Whether you’ve never been in a strength class or you’re a longtime athlete, we’ve got a spot for you. We’ll do our best to make these classes fun. Laugh, shake,’ve got this, mama.


Haumea Strong

You are strong, mama. This circuit-based class will build muscle when you need it most. Whether you’re pregnant or postpartum, this is designed to make you feel great in your body as we strengthen, connect, and move through this amazing journey of motherhood.

Core Mama

Mama, your core is so much more than your abdominals — it’s your pelvic floor, diaphragm, and your back muscles. These key areas become vulnerable during pregnancy and delivery as they lengthen to make room for your babe. In this class, you’ll strengthen and release all of your core — or, to put it another way, no peein’ when you are sneezin’.

Haumea Barre
Using a mixture of ballet barre, pilates, and yoga, this class works each muscle group to fatigue. Low-impact movements for high-impact results. Your babe is welcome at this class — wear them in a carrier or place them on a blanket next to you. Laugh, cry, and remember how strong and amazing you are.

Community & Support Classes

Sometimes, you just need a safe space to talk about the joys and challenges of being a new mama. Led by our Haumea experts, these classes are a no-pressure way to talk with women who are going through the exact same thing you are — creating a safe, supportive way for you to ask questions, have conversations, and hey — get out of the house for a bit.


New Mama Group
Becoming a mama is one of life’s biggest changes, and change can be hard and wonderful. And, even though it may seem that way right now, you’re not alone. That mama next to you? She’s going through the same thing. This group provides a confidential place to have discussions, share joys and challenges, and connect in a way that is safe, supportive, and respected. Join us as we journey through motherhood together.

Liquid Gold Breastfeeding Support
Let’s be honest — breastfeeding is not always easy, or pain-free. You’re not alone in this challenge, but guess what? You don’t have to suffer, and neither does your babe. Come with your questions and our lactation expert will help guide you through this journey.