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What’s your personal motto?
"Just say yes and you'll figure it out afterwards." -Tina Fey

What brought you to Haumea?
I attended a class at Haumea right after I had my daughter, Molly. I felt how warm and welcoming it was, and was looking for a way I could be part of such an amazing community and be able to bring my Molly along with me. When Haumea posted that they needed childcare and that I could bring her along, I knew it was the perfect fit! Now, I get to hold even more sweet babies every week and watch my Molly play with new friends.

What is your favorite memory of your mom?
My favorite memory of my mom is always in the kitchen, baking. She bakes for every occasion for every person she knows. Get a new job? Muffins on your front porch. Have a rough week at work? Cookies in your mailbox. Mention a memory of your grandma's key lime pie? That pie will definitely find its way to you as soon as she finds all the ingredients. And most of the time, I was sitting on the counter patiently waiting for my "taste test." Now, I try to emulate that same habit and bake for all the people I love