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What is a motto you live by?
My motto for living my best life is to “Give myself completely to the moment I am in so that I can live each moment more richly”.

What brought you to Haumea?
I was brought to Haumea through a dear friend, who’s professional and personal life is connected with mine, and she recognized that the mission of Haumea is in perfect sync with mine, so brought us together.

What is a favorite memory with your Mom?
My mom is awesome (at 93 years of age 😊) so I have many wonderful memories with her, but one favorite from childhood is her helping me each year to make homemade Valentines using scraps of red corduroy, velvet, and lace. This was always a special time for just the two of us.

Juelaine Druckrey, OTR/L, NTMC is a graduate of UW-Madison and has been an Occupational Therapist in Madison since 1984. She has specialized in pediatrics for 26 years, working with families in local Early Intervention Programs and hospital settings. She loves working with families and babies, and now works as a neonatal developmental massage therapist. Friends and family often refer to her as “the baby whisperer” because of her affinity for infants and her ability to soothe them. Juelaine’s passion is helping parents build their abilities and confidence to enhance all aspects of their child’s development.

Where you’ll see her: