Haumea_Nikki Cook.jpg

What’s your personal motto?
“Believe in yourself and your dreams.”

What brought you to Haumea?
Faith and familiar faces. I was blessed to spend time taking Kristin’s yoga classes, which ultimately brought me to Haumea. Oh yeah — and baby Wells who will be joining the world in 2019!

What is your favorite memory of your mom?
My mom spent a lot of her time working to support us, but I managed to stay up late enough to sing her to sleep. At least, at the time that’s what I thought I was doing. She laid in bed at night listening to me (or trying to drown me out) belt out Celine Dion songs, waiting for her 10-start review. Either my voice changed or my mom lied, because “professional singer” is not in my near future!

Where you’ll see her: